About Me:

My name is Tiffany!I am a proud mama to two little angels that I lovingly call 1 and 2 and sassy wife to one handsome dude called hubby. I am passionate about life and seek to make it as easy and as self defined as possible. One of the first things you’ll notice is about me is that while I tend to do things differently than most like parenting and wifery I still have very traditional values. I still maintain that cooking a balanced meal is important and so is teaching your little ones please and thank you.

About Blog:

Many of you might look at the title of this blog and say what on earth does it mean, A Mohawk in the Suburbs? Well it is exactly how it sounds. I have a mohawk and I now live in the suburbs. Last year my husband and I decided to ditch the city life for the land of planned communities, pressed khaki’s and plaid shirts. It was a bittersweet move. You see, I loved the city. Everything about it was just great. Anyone who knows me (or if you got one good look at me)will tell you I belong in the city. But when we saw just how much house we could get in the suburbs we bounced down the road in our U-haul kids and all.
This blog is about the wacky life of me! There are funny tales, weirdly shameful situations and truly uplifting posts about growing yourself. So if you are looking for a conventionally unconventional blog about the ups and downs of motherhood, life, or just letting your freak flag fly this might very well be the place for you. You have however been forewarned!